The continuous noise machine.

YouTube Garbage

Current Version: 2.3.2
Last Modified: November 19, 2019 @ 02:21PM EST
Last Modified Reason: Updated FAQ

Unfortunately YouTube is a flaming pile of garbage and will not allow for old basic functions to work without paying for their dumb subscription service (per user).
This means that the current version of Dazik is the last version, it will stay up for those of you that still manage to use it.

Out of BETA!

Current Version: 2.3.1
Last Modified: April 22, 2017 @ 09:26AM EST
Last Modified Reason: Added 'Deep House' for Woston Mendes

Dazik is nearly what I planned it to be. There are a few things left and surely I will continue tweaking things in the future. Soon it will be complete and I can simply enjoy the non-stop music for myself.

Version 2

  • Fix the filthy changelog ribbon.  Done!
  • Video Title in Website Title  May Be Awhile
  • Unique Video URL's  May Be Awhile
  • Implement Site-Wide SSL.  Done!
  • Consolidate and touch up genre links.  Done!
  • Refine the overall design.  Done
  • Manually add Rap and Country (automate is bad for this)  Done!
  • Add more genres.  Done!
  • Fix "listening", overloads with 1k+ active and resets.  Done!
  • Make it Responsive (for mobile)  Done!
  • Add Share Buttons  Done. But I don't like 'em.
  • Load bare players for mobile.  Done!
  • Create mobile friendly (only) genre buttons.  No Longer Required
  • Help automation reach 1m 3m tracks.  Done!

  • Version 1

  • Autoplay on Video End  Done!
  • Automate Video Acquisition  Done!
  •   - Filter Country/Rap and skip low viewed videos.  Done!
  •   - Even out the amount of Electro Music  Done!
  • Add Genres  Done!
  • Skip Dead Videos  Done!
  • Dynamic Backgrounds  Done!
  • Listening, Played, and Total Tracks statistics  Done!
  • Write some sort of FAQ  Done!
  • Make videoID acquisition automation better.  Done!
  • Fix blank player with large generated lists.  Done!
  • Track skips to remove unwanted videos  Done!
  •   - Make it automatic  Done!
  • Fix FAQ for Mobile usage.  Done!
  • Add notice for Mobile Viewers regarding autoplay.  Done!
  • Make Everything Automated  Done!

  • If you have any feature requests or general ideas that I could add, just contact me.


    Dazik does not fully support mobile.

    Apple devices unsupported.
    Android on Firefox works fine!
    Android on Chrome will need to apply the following fix:-

    Enter the above in your address bar and disable it, then refresh the page.
    Try the Videoless Mobile Version

    What is this?
    Are you stupid? It's noise, indiscriminately.

    Why is this?
    That's not even a proper goddamn sentence. Learn English.

    Okay.. What's it do?
    Loads from thousands of songs at random, don't like a song? Skip it. Just like you plan for your first-born.

    Why not just use like Spotify?
    I will slap you so hard I'll get a congratulatory email from Bishop Don "The Magic" Juan who felt the event through pimp force. See below.

    This is just a YouTube Playlist.
    No it's not, it's loading videos at random from hundreds of various channels. Purposely skipping "trash".

    Why are you so rude?
    I have to be rude so people stop asking dumb questions.

    What's with the backgrounds?
    If you've got something better, I'd like to see it. All backgrounds are from WallHaven.cc.

    What if a video doesn't work?
    Dead/Copyright videos are automatically skipped.

    This barely works anymore!
    I know, blame YouTube. They refuse to allow basic autoplay functions unless you pay for YouTube Red.

    Suggestions? Cool.